My name is Carolien Ossewaarde and I have a cattery near the coast of the Netherlands, close to the towns Leiden and The Hague. Since 2002 I am orientating on several subjects, all to do with setting up and managing a cattery.
In 2003 I bought my first Maine Coon female “Bridget”.

My coons and I live in a townhouse with a large fenced garden.
In the garden is a large kennel for the male cats if nesseciary , the cats run free in the garden in time, since it is totaly enclosed. 
I love going to shows.  At shows I always meet co-breeders and future kitten-buyers. To me breeding and showing Maine Coons is a wonderful way to spend my spare time.

I spend a lot of time studying how to manage a cattery responsible, by reading about pedigrees, genetics, behavior, health, etc.

I breed with passion and love, always trying to improve the quality in both type and character, I am very careful feeding of my cats using high-quality gain free food. With regard to the health all of my adults are tested against FelV, FIV. I perform ultrasound against HMC hypertrophic cardio myopathy and PKD polycystic kidney disease and genetic testing for HCM, Pl; patellar luxation.

 In order to produce Quality kittens, all of my breeding cats are either Champions, International Champions, Grand International Champions in Traditional, FIFE or TICA. 


My kittens grow up in domestic enviroment. They are well socialized.

A kitten before leaving me must have not less then four months, this is the period of time to weaning and vaccinations. My kittens are raised underfoot  and have grandchildren play with them as kittens. Fully socialized in all ways .
A kitten is always accompanied by Health Booklet and Certificate of Registration Neocat.

If possible new owners apply, they will be well screened. The kittens will go to their new homes with a contract in which very important issues are stated that are meant to contribute to a wonderful life with their new owners.