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Macawi Mosi Nidawi's Gauri


 When she was born I saw how fantasic she was as a type and she stays. She has a nice and sweet personality. Her coat is fantastic crispy silver. Her ears are correct. Her muzzle is full and she has a strong chin. Her pedigree is great. Healthy and showlines are coming together. She carries solid and delution.



DOB 11 12 2018


gaurie ws13mrt2020


 1,03 year


MCO FS 09 22  

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     The parents   

 archy planning  nidawi 4 jaar 2016ws
GIC Peshewafarm Uno Argento Macawi Mosi Honeymoon's Nidawi

 Her pedigree in pawpeds


  archy planning

 GIC Peshewafarm Uno Argento

    vader MilekGarry Milek Katie's Stars

 wasil afonya CoonWasil Afonya Coon





Elisha Katie's Stars








 VLeatherAndLace Hello Dollyws

  Peshewafarm Cocotte

 quinsigamond rowanGEC Cyanure de Cloepierre




 Peshewafarm Athena




 nidawi 4 jaar 2016ws

 Macawi Mosi Honeymoon's Nidawi



 EC Versus Ryusei


 Versus Ice Dive


Ch. Versus Danae




Bearcloud Honeymoon Croon


QGC MtNest Jackman


Broadsway Gloria



  14   %

Top 5           

  71,2 %


 36,7  %






  PKDef               HCM 1, 3, DNA           SMA PKD              PL              
   N/N                            N/N                    N/N  N/N         Free





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Gauri vindt shows helemaal niet leuk.Ze gaat niet meer mee.

Gausri vindt shows g






  U1, nominatie BIS                 

       N. Delsing