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Macawi Mosi Namid's Victor


When Namid give birth to this beautiful male, I made the decision to keep him. I bottle feed him and I can not let him go. He has a beautiful chin, profile, box. He has excellent ears and his expression is gorgeous. Victor will be my future stud and in time he will give studservices as I would like to have his foodprints walking around on this earth.



DOB 27 06 2015





 2,5 year


NS  22

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     The parents  

 nikov15 sept2015  namidws2014 copy
G.I.C. Frozenmoon's Double Espresso  Ch. Macawi Mosi Honeymoon's Namid

His pedigree in pawpeds

  Fronikov15 sept2015

Frozenmoon's Double Espresso

    FB Pappa van Kalashnikov                      RU  GIGH RUSSI MYSTIC LINT

GIC Russi Mystic Lint

 Ch. Norsycat Simon

 Ch.Russi Mystic Evrika Catsville Country


 Ch. Caramba Long Meadow

IC La-Mansh Krasny Dar


 Ch Coolmotion's Naomi

 namidws2014 copy

Ch. Macawi Mosi Honeymoon's Nidawi

    DSC 0396

E.C. Versus Ryusei

Ice Dive-L

Gr Ch. Versus Ice Dive

mamma Danae

Ch. Versus Danae

 HM voor HP

CH. Bearcloud Honeymoon Croon


Q.Gr. Ch. MtNest Jachman


Ch.Broadsway Gloria



  14.6    %

Top 5           

  71.9 %


  36.9   %



  PKDef  HCM DNA, 1, 3              SMA     PKD PL
 Negative     N/N Negative           Negative  Negative


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Victor U1, BIV and BIS!!

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Lage Zwaluwe 22 11 20145

U1, BIV, nom. and BIS                             


Houten 24 01 2016

 U1, BIV  A. Meas  
Zutphen 24 04 2016

 U1, BIV en Nom. BIS Boer   
Rotterdam 25 09 2016