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Charmant Ami Romain aka Maksim


When I saw the picture from this beautiful male I contact the breeder.

He is so very sweet. He has a long body and strong boning, strong chin and muzzle, fantastic large ears and placement.

He has a fantastic long coat and clear silver/white. Than you Larisa to let this gorgeous boy go to me.

Thank you Larisa to let this beautiful boy go to me.



DOB 28-04-2022

       color MCO DS 09 22        

 0,4 years





     The parents   

 frodo  klava
Charmant Ami Frodo Charmant Ami KLava

 pedigree in pawpeds


       Charmant Ami Frodo

       viking lidique esprit2

GICH Viking Ludique Esprit   




 WCH Summerplace Proud Pirat




      Baccanera Fur Fur Dreaming







    asterie moeder frodo

   Charmant Ami Asterie

     ouder van asterie truffel en leeloo

     Ch.Truffel Wariwat


    leeloo pryanik 

       Lee Loo Pryanik





           Charmant Ami Klava


     unicum jerry

          Unicum Jerry


         Viking Family Stars



      Unicum Tonika


       snow spirits alska

      Snow Spirit's Alaska


    Ch. Pillowtalks Xoulo

Snow Spirits Pesnya Severa



  15,4   %

Top 5                      

  71,4 %




DNA tests                                                              


  PKDef     SMA      Fac X1   HCM1,3           PKD&HCM echo clear             PL              
   N/N         N/N        N/N          N/N  28/04/2024         vrij





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