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LeatherAndLace Hometown Glory aka Dolores


When I saw the picture from Dolores, I felt in love!! What a sweet and adorable girl. I visit her and she choise me to, lay down purring on my lap.

She has a long body, strong muzzle and chin, perfect profile and a lovely coat. Good ears.Her pedigree is fantastic.

Thank you so much John and Paul to trust me and let me love this sweetheart.



wskop doloresd082018 

Dolores 0,8 mts

F  09

DOB 26 11 2017

 RW SGC LeatherAndLace Paradise City  LeatherAndLace Taysteews
SGC LeatherAndLace Paradise City  LeatherAndLace Taystee

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RW SGC LeatherAndLace Paradise City


SGC LeatherAndLace Paradise City

    wistariantale prince george

QGC Wistariantale Prince George

 wistariantale Michelangelo

RW/SGC. Wistariantale Michelangelo


wistariantale Tosca

Wistariantale Tosca

 LeatherAndLace Hello Dollyws

LeatherAndLace Hello Dolly

 quinsigamond rowan

Quinsigamond Rowan of Tabularasa


 Mapedi-Coon's Nifty Red Ruby

LeatherAndLace Taysteews

LeatherAndLace Taystee



 Shannas FlashDance ws

 Shanna's Flash Dance

 Shannas Stagger Lee ws

Ch. Shanna's Stagger Lee

 Shannas Prairiews

Shanna's Prairie Brazoria



LeatherAndLace Chain Reaction Pws

LeatherAndLace Chain Reaction P

 amshula imani

Amshula's Imani


LeatherAndLace Jellylorum PPws

LeatherAndLace Jellylorum PP



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