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MTnest Aiyana

 I waited a long year then she was born. MTnest Aiyana! my almost perfect female. She has a very sweet temperament. Fantastic ears, strong chin, excellent box. good profile. She has a unique pedigree. Thank you so much Judy and David Bernbaum to let me love this fantastic girl.


DOB 04-06-2021


 aiyana ws1


 1 year


MCO F 09  

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     The parents   

 maxwel8  moeder6
RW SCG MTnest Maxwell is Smart MTnest Moulin Rouge

Her pedigree in pawpeds


 RW SGC MTnest Maxwel is Smart

          MTnest Darkside of the moon

LA SGC MTnest Dark Side O The Moon





LA OS SGC Broadsway Redding





IW OD SGC Mainette P S I Love You







 sevilla twin pekas ws3


  MTnest A Droite



 LA OS SGC MTnest Prince William


 tiramissue twinpeaks


 MTnest YinYang





 MTnest Moulin Rouge



 MTnest After Burner


 RW SGC MTnest Maxwell is Smart



MTnest Moneypenny



 MTnest Persephone


RW SGHC MTnest Scott Joplin

 RW MTnest Norma Jean

RW MTnest Norma Jeane




Top 5                      









  PKDef               HCM 1, 3, DNA           SMA PKD              PL              
   N/N                            N/N                    N/N  N/N         vrij





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