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                               A slightly older kitten



A slightly older kittens.


So sweet are they, those little ones, they just make you melt.

If you are lucky you can see them grow in the 13 weeks they are at your  breeder.

Sometimes you can't.

Than de kitten(s) will be slightly older en sometimes older than 13 weeks,

that can be by pure dumb chance, but also through circumstances.

The breeder is also human, often with a family

and it is possible that something has occured within the Family.....or not :-)

A problem? Ofcourse not....!!!

An older kitten is also very sweet.

They are a little bigger and the breeder can tell you lots more about their character.

Also they have learned more from their mam and from the breeder.

So, in other words, what you see is what you get....,that also must be wonderful.

You are afraid that your other cats will not accept it ?

Don't be....!!!

Maybe they'll take a little more time in accepting things but that's not always the case.

In a lot of cases it will go fine, just look at the cats from a shelter who go home with someone.

A good breeder will also guide you in this.


Good luck

.....with the purchase of your slightly older kitten

 and consider that they are exactly as nice, perhaps nicer.