Macawi Mosi Magic's Diamond

2 juli 2007 - 28 april 2009

For months, I have enjoyed you
For months, I have loved you,

For months, you lived live to the fullest,
For months, you loved your sister,
For months, you played your tricks on the other cats,
Fot months, you were always looking for something new to play with,

For months you were so very sweet,

For months you were so very present.


Much too short you life has been
Much too short the time I got to enjoy you company
Much too short was the time I got to hold you
Much too short the time I got to love you
Much too short....................



Now I have to say goodbye,
Your time has come to leave


Goodbye my incredible sweet man.

I will always love you.

You will always hold a special place in my heart .


Your star will shine brightly in the sky,

You have crossed the rainbowbridge.



Goodbye sweet Diamond.

I love you so much.


Carolien and your sister Daisy.


Boris Igor Rus van de Eendenkooi

7 mei 1994 - 5 juni 2003.


 Much too soon we had to say goodbye to you.

Much too quick the end was there.

You illness was present with a vengeance.

We fought with you until it was time to make that horrible .

It was enough. We lost the battle.

Dear Boris, we think about you often. 

You enriched our lives.

Rest in peace.






3 Days we fought for your live

3 Days we enjoyed your presence

3 Days I could give you all my love

3 Days I got to keep you with me.

Only 3 days............

Too soon we lost the battle.

Now you lay peacefully in my hand

Goodbye my sweet Byhalia......

I will always love and remember you

You claimed your place in my heart.


Bridget and her kittens, Bidziil, Bahata, Bonita, Baskar and Bly.



David Bowie

 Cattery Lommerlust

26 juni 1992 - 20 oktober 2006

Passed away after a long and happy life.

We will mis you big guy.
Rest in peace.




Four days I got to love you .
Four days my heart has sang.
Four days my sweet, beautiful and brave little man .
I choose for you,
but it hurts so bad, so bad,
because now I have to let you go 
It was best for you in this uneven battle.
The pain in my heart is indescribable,
Just as my love for you
I have to let you go my love,
over the rainbowbridge Grandma Kiddo is waiting for you
 I'm letting you go, my dearest
Goodbye my brave little man
For always a place in our heart,
For always a child of ours.