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Macawi Mosi Trisna's Jorie


When Jorie was born I saw her beauty. She is a sweet but carefull female. She has a beautiful coat and is a torti. She has a nice lenght of the body, good profile and chin, muzzle. Very intersting pedigree to.



DOB 05 11 2019




 1,0 year


MCO F 22  

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     The parents   

 SAlexyshowfoto2AA  trisna15jaarwes2016
Big Winner Quentin Tarantino Macawi Mosi  Nidawi's Trisna

Her pedigree in pawpeds



 Big Winner Quentin Tarantino

vader afonyaws1    

I.C.Delikates Afonya Coon



 wistariantale prince george


Mainewoods Ugo Boss Afonya Coon





Lucha Afonya Coon







 sevilla twin pekas ws3


  Sevilla Twin Peaks


 Rozenkraicer Twin Peaks


 tiramissue twinpeaks


 Tiramissue Twin Peaks





 Macawi Mosi Nidawi's Trisna


 nikov ws

 Froozen Moon's Double Espresso


 G.I.C.Russi Mystic Lint


Ch. Caramba Long Meadow

 nidawi 4 jaar 2016ws



Macawi Mosi Honeymoon's Nidawi


E.C. Versus Ryusei


Bearcloud Honeymoon Croon




Top 5                      









  PKDef               HCM 1, 3, DNA           SMA PKD              PL              
   N/H                            N/N                    N/N  N/N         vrij





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Jorie does not like shows at all.

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